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A good proposal

Teatro Real
12/01/2005 -  and 1, 4, 8, 12, 14, 17, 20 and 23 December 2005
Giuseppe Verdi: Luisa Miller
Fiorenza Cedolins (Luisa), Marcelo Álvarez (Rodolfo), Roberto Frontali (Miller), Giacomo Prestia (Count Walter), Phillip Ens (Wurm), Elisabetta Fiorillo (Federica), Francesca Zambello (Stage Director) Sinfónica de Madrid Orchestra and Chorus. Jesús López Cobos (Conductor)

Fiorenza Cedolins and Marcelo Alvarez succeed in their debut in the Teatro Real with Verdi´s Luisa Miller, dissipating the fears hung over the opening night by the winter affections of both singers. Together with them, the conduction of Jesús Lopez Cobos, who had only faced the score once 30 years ago, contributed to the accomplishment of this performance of the infrequent fourteenth Giuseppe Verdi´s opera. The work, released in Madrid in 1852 and not played on the Real scene since 1887, followed a purist Verdian conception. The stage production by the American Francesca Zambello respected intensely the original ambiance of the work, with an intelligent combination of simplicity and agile solutions to the constant scene changes. A few furniture elements integrated over an pleasant landscape frame were able to transport the action in an admirable way together with a suitable play of shades behind the characters. All the voices on this San Francisco Opera production, Robert Frontali, Giacomo Priesta, Phillip Ens and Elisabetta Fiorillo, were correct and collected the approval of the Madrilenian public. Fiorenza Cedolins, in the role of the ingenuous Luisa, showed a solid technique, a large security in the release, a perfect diction and an elegant phrasing. The Argentinean Marcelo Alvarez interpreted Rodolfo with a delicious conscience, an acute registry without any limitation and enthusiasm without falling in the verist trap. In conclusion, a good proposal.

Mar Sancho



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